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New Business Class Meals in 2018

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The first in-flight meal served in 1919, on the Handley-Page London to Paris route wasn’t a chef’s specialty meal. Although it was just a packed lunch of a sandwich and some fruits, it started a revolution on that flight by offering passengers food on-board.

Almost 100 years later, airlines are updating their menus each season. Also, competition between the best food served on-board is high. “Healthier and fresher”, “lighter and trendier”, how about astronaut food? What would the next season’s business class food taste like? Here is a list of airlines who have prepared something new and exciting for business travelers.

Cathay Pacific’s and New Personalized Menus Onboard

Starting from July 2018, Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 777 is a restaurant-style airplane.

The airline says the revamped business class service is built around “restaurant-style dining, improved menu offerings and a new level of inflight hospitality.”

Fasten your seat-belts, or perhaps loosen them a bit, because Cathay Pacific is ready to lavish you with something new. An a la carte menu with three starter choices and up to six main course choices, will be served to Business Class passengers by well-trained cabin crew. With the new option of the breakfast card, you are able to pre-order the meal before falling asleep. The choices on the breakfast menu are also upgraded. Depending on your taste, Western, Asian, or a lighter Continental or Express breakfast will be served an hour before landing. The airline debuted the new business class menu between Hong Kong and Chicago in July. The new dining experience will soon be on all “long and ultra long-haul routes” by mid-2019.

New Business Class meals in 2018

New Cathay Pacific’s restaurant-style menu for Business Class in 2018. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Singapore Airlines, The Best Airline of 2018

Starting from this summer, Singapore Airlines is introducing a new Chinese dining concept. Introduced for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong business class flyers. The three-course menu is already available to Suites and First Class passengers on selected flights.

New Business Class meals in 2018.

New Singapore Airlines Business Class meals in 2018. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights.

Business class flyers will experience the Chinese food culture right from the appetizers. For the starters, passengers can get fried marinated sea bass and spicy tofu beef salad. Followed with the main menu such as pepper braised beef brisket with turnip and carrot, and braised pork belly in pickle sauce. Main courses will be served along with side dishes and a choice of rice or noodles.

Air New Zealand, Ranked The World’s Best International Carrier Last Year

Air New Zealand is going to treat business passengers with something super trendy.

Let’s tell the truth, sometimes a good burger is a meal we all want to eat. Air NZ collaborated with Impossible Foods to make it possible. Now and then business class passengers can try out something new. Even if burgers are associated with an economy class meal, the Impossible foods created an exclusive meatless burger. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to find it tasty.

Also, meat-lovers, won’t see a significant difference between a vegetarian and a normal burger. Made from plant proteins, coconut oil, and other vegetarian ingredients, the burger will satisfy hunger and is the healthiest burger option ever made. Air NZ offers the trendiest food, which looks like meat, tastes like meat, but it isn’t at all. Impossible Foods raised over $450 million to find the solution our planet’s growing environmental crisis: the over-reliance on farmed meat production. And now Air New Zealand is the first airline to offer the Impossible Burger.

Lufthansa’s Outer Space Meals

Lufthansa wants passengers to feel higher than the sky with a new food option. The airline developed the menu especially for a German astronaut staying on the space station. When the German astronaut went up to space, he carried Lufthansa’s food. Now Lufthansa wants to share the experience with Business Class passengers.

Instead of tasteless food in plastic tubes, Lufthansa tried to make homemade style food to carry to outer space. The dishes will include ragout, egg noodles with bacon and stuffed pasta. It was launched on Lufthansa flights in July and will be offered till the end of August for all business class passengers. The food items were additional meals to the menu of the astronauts.

With a special note: “Anyone who dreamed of becoming an astronaut as a child probably didn’t give much thought to the food… The food that was on offer to them back then and the food available to them now really is worlds apart!”

To sum up, airline food can be sometimes surprising, meatless burgers, astronaut food, Chinese inspired cuisine or many other surprising things, and they are all awaiting you on board.

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  • Qatar Airways’ catering and meal service is phenomenal. Their food is to die for, always elegantly presented and served with style & panache!

    Our first flight with Qatar Airways’ was on their fantastic A380, in business class, from Paris to Doha and onward to Bali. From start to finish it was a truly amazing & unforgettable experience! The bar on their A380 is stunning – probably the best bar on an A380, a great place to chill out at 35,000ft. ✈️ 👌


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