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Flying business class is either part and parcel of a jet-set lifestyle - or it's an occasional treat/luxury. In any respect, the demand for

In this blog, we will be highlighting American Airlines business class -what to expect inflight. We thought we would explore the services that make

In this blog, Traveling Business Class with Kids, we wanted to update our 2019 article, which offered tips on flying with kids in business class to see if the experience has changed. In addition, we will also be looking into what you can expect when flying with baby in business class with 3 of the biggest airlines. We will also answer questions such as, from what age can a child fly business class? And, can kids sit in the business class?

Have you ever thought where to look for discounted business and first class tickets? In case some people are unclear about how to use our services, we decided to write a comprehensive guide on how to book with SkyLuxTravel and which benefits you can get if you book Business and First Class flights with us. Here we go!