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Because the travel sector, especially business class, is seeing a resurgence in bookings, we wanted to give you some insider hints on the best way to book business class tickets. Our latest blog, 5 tips on how to fly luxury for less revealed – is a guide to saving you money! So, in no particular order, read on to discover our tricks on how to fly luxury for less. 

Embarking on a journey with Singapore Airlines with a stopover at the renowned Changi Airport opens up a world of possibilities for business travelers

In this blog, Traveling Business Class with Kids in 2023, we will look into what you can expect at the airport and inflight with

Thailand, the Land of Smiles, welcomes travelers from across the globe with open arms. And if you're planning a trip to this enchanting country,

Finnair‘s business class has been undergoing significant improvements over the past years. One of the latest innovations is the new AirLounge Finnair business class seats designed

Traveling for business doesn't have to mean all work and no play. Enter the world of "bleisure" travel, a trend that combines business and

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