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Error Flight Fares – the term used by frequent flyers in the air travel field and travel agencies for defining a fare with an error in the price. Error flight fares are published online and provide an opportunity to book Business/ First or Economy Class for a cheaper price. In the case of Business and First Class bookings, you have to be lucky to find one. So we thought we would take an in-depth look at what error fares are and how to find them.

As a response to the recent news, which stated vaccinated U.S citizens will be able to travel to the EU this summer. We decided to look into the latest travel requirements for the most searched EU destinations in the U.S right now. And pose the question ‘Where Should U.S Citizens Fly to in Europe?

There are bunches of sites, including SkyLux Travel, that offer deep discounts on business class tickets. How is this possible and are these discounted business class tickets legit? Find out what airline consolidators are and how to make sure you are scam-proof. Keep reading to get exact answers and book your business class flights in the most secure way.

Flying with kids might be challenging, long waits, night travel, jetlag and many other obstacles which makes it unbearable. Luckily, there are Business Class cabins and kids friendly airlines, which makes the travel with kids a pleasurable and seamless experience. Read our latest blog post about flying Business Class with Kids.

It’s not a mystery, that long haul flights are exhausting. Sore legs, no fresh air, bright light, makes it almost impossible to sleep at

Have you ever heard or seen something about cheap Business Class fares, but you feel skeptical about it? Have you ever tried searching for cheap business class airfares online? We are going to reveal the most useful tips & tricks on how to book cheap Business Class.

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