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 One of the perks of flying business class is the little extras airlines give travelers to enrich their inflight experience. Of course, an airline's

In this blog, we will be highlighting American Airlines business class -what to expect inflight. We thought we would explore the services that make

In our new blog, Top Differences Between Business class Bed seats, we will be looking at 3 renowned airlines with beds. In addition, we will lay out all the information you will need to answer the question, which Business class bed seat is the best? 

When choosing your ideal flight with bed seats, there, of course, is a lot to take into consideration. For instance, some airlines, such as American Airlines- will offer differing business-class services and cabins depending on if your flight is long haul or domestic. Therefore, knowing what it is that you require from your flight will ultimately help you choose the perfect option for you. So let’s look at the top 3 airlines and find out what you can expect.

In this blog, the Top 7 differences between Business and First Class in 2021. We want to look into and highlight the main differences passengers will experience while at the airport and inflight. We will look into the details and compare Business Class vs First Class and try to answer questions such as is, business class better than first class? What exactly are the advantages and disadvantages? And how much do they impact the ticket price?

Business Class seats types are constantly improving: airlines are adding new configurations and eliminating their First Class cabins into Business. Recently, we wrote about Business Seat Class Types and now the time has come to extend this useful list.

In 2019, very few airlines overhauled their cabins instead; they chose to introduce the new Business Class amenity kits. These tiny little goodie bags are much appreciated by premium travelers, as these include designer brands. Also, you’re able to take them off the plan, and of course, Amenity kits are complementary. Let us look at what is inside the newest amenity kits.

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