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Why use a travel agent to book business class flights?

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Is it possible to travel in business class for less? Yes, you can save on business class flights by calling a travel agent and following a few simple tips. Business class may seem luxurious, but with a bit of savvy planning and the right steps, premium business class seats can be more accessible than you might think. Here’s how you can upgrade your travel experience without breaking the bank.

Why use a travel agent to save on business class flights?

Many travelers have grown accustomed to looking for flight deals online by themselves. So, it might seem counterintuitive to contact a travel agent. However, making the call to a travel agent can help you save on flights. Experienced travel agents know the ins and outs of air travel. They find out about special airline offers before the general public does. Travel agencies also work directly with airlines to offer exclusive fares that you won’t find elsewhere.

At SkyLux Travel, we’ve partnered with over 70 airlines, which means we can get you to any destination in business class for less. Our travel experts can use our exclusive deals, which are not available to the general public, to secure discounted fares. They also know about price fluctuations and can suggest good deals with specific airlines for specific dates. By talking to an expert at SkyLux Travel, you won’t miss an opportunity to save. You can take advantage of our exclusive deals on business class flights and can save as much as 50%-77% on your flights. Unlock unpublished airfares and discounted flights today by calling a travel agent!

Save on business class flights by calling a travel agent at SkyLux Travel

How can a travel agent help you with your business class flight booking?

Because travel agents book flights daily, they know which factors can affect price. Flexibility is key when trying to maximize your business class flight savings. Flying mid-week or during off-peak seasons can significantly reduce costs. Airlines tend to lower their prices to fill seats during these times, giving you a better chance to snag a business class seat at a steep discount.

Travel agents can also suggest other optimal times to book flights. If you’re flexible about your travel dates, travel agents can suggest alternative times when you can save on business class flights. As experts in business class travel, SkyLux Travel can help you save more on premium flights than other travel agencies.

Are there disadvantages to booking business class flights with a travel agent?

Travel agents can book different types of tickets for you. When you book a consolidator rate or an unpublished fare with a travel agent, sometimes you can’t take advantage of airline loyalty programs. Frequent travelers accumulate miles and use them for upgrades to business class or to book free business class tickets. With some unpublished fares, you won’t get miles credited. However, you’ll save on business class flights by using a travel agent, so it’s a fair trade-off to make.

Can I save on last-minute flights with a travel agent?

The advantage of using a travel agent is that they work with all types of bookings, including last-minute flights. A travel agent will get the lowest possible fare for you. However, do keep in mind that usually last-minute flights cost more. The reason for this is that airlines know that if you’re booking at the eleventh hour, you’ll be less flexible with dates. Also, airplanes tend to be fuller closer to the flight date. But a travel agent will still help you save on business class flights when you book at the eleventh hour.

If you have the choice, we suggest booking your flights at least a month before your travel date to increase savings.  Call SkyLux Travel and ask our travel agents about the deals available on your travel dates. An added advantage of using a travel agent is that you’ll get personalized service tailored to your needs. Another advantage of contacting a travel agent at SkyLux Travel is the 24/7 assistance that comes with our services. You’ll have access to our after-hours support for itinerary changes, cancellations, and travel issues. We’re here for you throughout your trip until you return home safely.

Do travel agents offer different business class flights?

Yes, a travel agent is there to help you book the best deal that’s right for you. For example, ask your travel agent about exploring alternative airports and routes.  Why? Flying out of a smaller or less busy airport or choosing a flight that includes a stopover can result in cheaper business class tickets. If you’re a traveler willing to make a slight adjustment to your itinerary planning, a travel agent can suggest all these options. After all, it’s worth exploring different routes and airports near your destination if you want to save on business class flights.

The best way to take advantage of such opportunities is to talk to a knowledgeable travel agent who knows different itinerary options. When you call the travel agents at SkyLux Travel, they’ll have several itineraries ready for you within minutes and explain the differences between each one. Additionally, when you call a travel agent at SkyLux Travel, you can get more than flight tickets. We’re your all-in-one travel companion: we can arrange for accommodations, transfers, and car rentals.


Traveling in business class doesn’t have to be just a dream. Get personalized assistance from a travel agent and enjoy the comfort and perks of business class while staying within your budget. Contact SkyLux Travel today by calling 888-999-5524 and talk to a travel agent to save on business class flights. We’ll provide you with the best options for your next affordable business class flight! You can call us 24/7 at any time convenient for you. SkyLux Travel’s team of 400 hand-picked travel experts is always available to assist you with all your business class travel requests and needs!

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