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Are Discounted Business Class Tickets Legit?

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Many sites, including SkyLux Travel, offer significant discounts on business class tickets. How is this possible? Are these discounted business class tickets legit? Find out what airline consolidators are and how to ensure you don’t become a fraud or scam victim. Keep reading to get definitive answers and to book your business class flights most securely.

Usually, travel agencies get access to discounted business class tickets using one of several scenarios. Are all of them legit? Not really.

Are “Discounted Business Class Tickets” limited or exclusive?

First on our list are travel agencies that offer significant discounts for business class tickets because they have access to consolidator fares. Consolidators are legal entities that buy a large number of tickets directly from airlines at wholesale rates. Afterward, they resell them to travel agents or travelers for prices lower than published fares.

Such fares are called unpublished fares. Airlines are interested in a steady cash flow and offer these reduced fares (negotiated fares) to consolidators. This way, airlines know they’ll be paid no matter whether the consolidator resells them or not. That’s why consolidators will look for the itineraries they can resell and try to negotiate the most favorable prices. The fares are ‘unpublished’ because airlines offer these deep rebates under the condition that consolidators don’t directly advertise them.

These tickets are perfectly legitimate. However, you need to remember the liability of such tickets. When you buy a consolidator fare, you may not be able to earn frequent flyer miles. Sometimes, you also will have little flexibility to cancel a flight with a full refund. More importantly, the seats on sale are limited. However, you must recognize the fact that these conditions are reasonable and worthy in exchange for exclusively low fares.

Which one is the cheapest?

The next frequently asked question is, “How do travel agencies offer discounted business class fares?”

Well, they start by establishing close cooperation with airlines. This way, their travel agents will have the opportunity to cooperate exclusively in negotiating contract deals and providing cheaper tickets to consumers. It’s similar to consolidated fares, except the travel agency gets the flight deals directly from the airlines without intermediaries. This means that conditions may be different.

Is this the case where business class tickets are cheaper? It truly depends on the travel site and the mark-ups it applies. It’s like everything in real life: no pain, no gain. With this way of booking the best deal, you need to compromise on certain conditions, such as your departure dates. Therefore, you must always carefully check your flight schedule with the agents.

Simply cannot take the risks

Another typical case is when travel sites affiliate with so-called “coupon brokers” that buy and sell frequent flyer miles and eventually trade them in. So, these sites offset airfare using miles. However, things are always too good to be true. Such deals violate the terms and conditions related to the frequent flyer miles program. In fact, major airlines explicitly forbid the “selling, exchanging, or trading” of their frequent flyer awards.

This business model is not legit, and airlines are working to counter mileage brokers. Airline cancellation policies state that airlines can cancel your booking without warning if they consider it to be a purchased award. When you make a deal with mileage brokers, the worst outcome is that you could have your tickets canceled and your frequent flyer account closed.

How can SkyLux Travel offer such low prices?

SkyLux Travel offers cheap business class tickets by combining the first and second options mentioned above. How does it work? SkyLux Travel has access to consolidator fares and works directly with international airlines. With over ten years in the business, SkyLux Travel has continuously worked on signing new contracts with carriers. This ensures we can offer lower prices. Currently, we partner with over 70 airlines. As a result, we have lower prices than those you can find online.

Yes, discounted business class tickets may be restrictive with cancellations and refunds. However, SkyLux Travel offers different levels of Travel Care Services, allowing fare rules to become more flexible if any unexpected changes occur. 

For SkyLux Travel, deeply discounted flights are not just an empty promise to attract customers’ attention. Instead, what SkyLux Travel can offer you is personalized service that considers your preferred flight dates and planned budgets.

Who doesn’t want to book a business class flight effortlessly and travel in comfort? SkyLux looks more favorable than other online travel agencies. Why? SkyLux Travel can help you do all the legwork and offers responsible information needed for timely communication. In fact, you can count on reliable 24/7 service. You will receive immediate help with your flight reservations by contacting our customer service.

A bonus tip for business class travelers

The price of your business class ticket alone shouldn’t be the decisive factor if you are looking for a stress-free trip. You should also consider whether the service provider or travel agency is legitimate and will get you covered if anything goes wrong.

It is rational to check the ticket sellers’ reputation before concluding a transaction. The real question is how can you know if a company selling discounted business class tickets is legitimate.

Check their membership and accreditation with prominent travel associations like ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents). It is also helpful to see if the company is accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau) or read reviews on review sites like Trustpilot.

If a travel agency is accredited by these or other industry-related organizations, you can consider it to be a reputable company. Most likely it offers legit discounted business class tickets. After verifying the company, try to purchase your tickets in advance. If you run into problems, you don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute.

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