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10 New Business Class Seats in 2024: Experience Better Business Class

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Air travel keeps evolving and so is business class: airlines are adding new business class seats that are better and more comfortable. What kind of new business class seats can you expect in 2024? Read on to discover 10 new business class seats that airlines are introducing in 2024!

Air France

Air France is one of the carriers introducing new business class seats

Air France‘s new business class seats on the Airbus A350 allow you to experience privacy like never before. Enjoy the new ergonomic seats and get a proper rest when you transform it into a fully flat bed. Keep the things you need for the flight close with the extra storage space at the foot of the seat. The sliding door will allow for privacy. By the way, you’ll also have your own private wardrobe with a mirror, so no need to worry about storing larger clothing items.

The new business class seats are equipped with a 20-inch anti-glare 4k touch screen, as well as a s socket for your computer and USB-A and USB-C ports. You can also charge your gadgets wirelessly and use your Bluetooth buds to listen to audio.

Main features:

  • Fully flat bed
  • Full access
  • Full privacy

Etihad Airways

New business class seats on Etihad's Dreamliners

Etihad‘s Business Studio, on its 787 Dreamliners, offers exceptional comfort in the new business class seats. The new seats offer travelers a comfortable and spacious environment. The privacy door adds an extra layer of privacy.

Every business seat comes with direct aisle access, letting you fly in comfort. Like with all industry leaders, the new business class seats recline to a fully lie-flat bed. For in-flight entertainment, you’ll get a 17.3-inch 4K TV screen, Bluetooth headphone pairing, multiple charging ports, wireless charging, and lots of storage space.

Main features:

  • Fully lay-flat bed
  • A larger footwell
  • Ample storage

Saudia Airlines

When you travel aboard Saudia’s Airbus A321 XLR, you’ll enjoy its Vantage SOLO seats. Like most new business class seats, the Vantage SOLO allows you to lie flat and enjoy a comfortable nap. You also get your own privacy shield and additional door at the aisle. You’ll also get more storage space, and the in-flight entertainment system features a comfortable 18-inch screen.

Main features:

  • Privacy shield
  • Aisle door
  • Lie-flat bed

Qantas Airways

New business class seats on Project Sunrise

Australia’s flag carrier’s Business Suite on its Airbus 330 and Boeing 787-9 aircraft are some of the industry’s best. Qantas is also planning exciting new business class seats aboard its forthcoming Project Sunrise Airbus A350 aircraft. The new seats will feature sliding doors and transform into lay-flat beds. For the time that you’re not sleeping, you’ll get a large dining table, bespoke lighting, as well as an 18-inch 4K ultra-high definition touch screen TV to keep you entertained.

There will also be a wellness zone to allow you to stretch out and do some in-flight exercises to counter the effects of long-haul flights.

Main features:

  • Sliding doors
  • Lay-flat beds
  • Large dining table

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand‘s new business class seats are in line with all the airlines on this list. The Business Premier Luxe Suites offer the comfort you seek when traveling in business class. For your comfort, Air New Zealand offers lay-flat beds, aisle access and a comfy ottoman footrest. Enjoy your own private suite with sliding partitions and extra space to stretch out. You get a larger dining table where you can dine with a companion, as well as a companion seat to share a meal or game if you’re traveling together.

You get a power outlet for your computer, as well as USB-A and USB-C sockets. Wireless charging is also available. For your in-flight entertainment, you can use your own headphones with Bluetooth audio streaming directly to your buds, while the entertainment will be featured on a large 24-inch personal screen.

Main features:

  • Lay-flat beds
  • Aisle access
  • Ottoman footrest

American Airlines

Enjoy comfort aboard American's Flagship business class

The new Flagship business class on American Airlines‘ Boeing 787-9 will have you flying in comfort. The new business class seats transform into lay-flat beds. All passengers have aisle access, as well as a sliding door to offer you some privacy. You’ll get extra personal storage space and convenient tables.

Main features:

  • Lay-flat beds
  • Aisle access
  • Private sliding doors

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

New business class seats on KLM's Boeing 777

The Dutch flag carrier is keeping up with the trends and is also offering a new business class experience on its Boeing-777 aircraft. The company has heard traveler feedback and is offering the improvements customers have been asking for. Flyers can expect more privacy with the introduction of the sliding door, as well as more controls on the new in-flight entertainment (IFE) system, which comes with a remote, so you don’t have to stretch out to touch the screen. The new seat layout also gives everyone aisle access. You also get wireless charging to charge all your gadgets.

Main features:

  • Direct aisle access
  • Seat controls
  • New IFE system

Cathay Pacific

Fly in comfort with Cathay Pacific and its Aria Suite

Hong Kong’s largest carrier is introducing its all-new Aria business class suite aboard its redesigned Boeing 777 cabins. Cathay Pacific wants to offer travelers a superior business class experience with privacy doors, comfortable cloth seats, and privacy ‘wings’, which offer you enough privacy without needing to close the sliding door (useful when you’re not sleeping). You can enjoy superior in-flight entertainment on the 4k screens. As for audio, you can now use Bluetooth to stream audio to your own buds or headphones.

The suite also comes with wireless charging, so you can arrive with all your gadgets fully charged.

Main features:

  • Privacy ‘wings’
  • Sliding doors
  • Cloth seat

Air India

Air India has new business class seats in its new business class cabin on the Airbus A350. Each business class seat gets direct aisle access. The seats convert to full-sized beds, and you get to use a personal wardrobe and stowage space. The seats also come with sliding privacy doors. The in-flight entertainment system features a roomy 21-inch screen. Air India has also added new bed linen, blankets, chinaware, glassware, and cutlery.

Main features:

  • Sliding privacy doors
  • Lay-flat seat
  • Pull-out tray table


Allegris by Lufthansa

Finally, Allegris, Lufthansa‘s new business class seats, will be introduced on the new Airbus 350 and Boeing 787-9 aircraft. Business class customers can look forward to their own suite offering even more comfort and privacy. Industry-standard sliding doors are being added. You can enjoy a large 27-inch screen and plenty of storage space.

You can book solo or double seats, so if you’re traveling with a partner, you can transform the double seats into one large suite. Also, you’ll have your own personal wardrobe and minibar.

Main features:

  • Double and solo seats
  • Personal wardrobe
  • Minibar

New Business Class Seats Takeaway

To conclude, the evolution of air travel continues to redefine the business class experience each year. In 2024, airlines are introducing innovative new business class seats that prioritize comfort, privacy, and convenience. From Air France’s ergonomic seats to Cathay Pacific’s Aria business class suite with privacy ‘wings,’ passengers can expect a range of features catering to their needs. Whether it’s fully flat beds, ample storage, or advanced in-flight entertainment systems, the emphasis remains on enhancing the journey for discerning travelers. As these new business class offerings take flight, passengers can look forward to experiencing unparalleled luxury and relaxation in the skies.

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