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Where to Travel This Spring

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Spring is one of the most spectacular seasons when everything gets awaken after long winter stillness. SkyLuxTravel – Luxury travel agency #1, has prepared a list of 5 spring-ish destinations for 2017. Wherever you are seeking cultural attractions, going on a business trip or just want to spend some time in peace and tranquility, you will find the right place to go. Whichever destination you want to go, SkyLux Travel Managers will find the best value-solution to enhance your travel and minimize costs. So where to travel this spring?

Florence, Italy

March 21st is officially the first day of spring in Florence, azalea and camelia time. While Florence is an attractive destination all year long, there are some activities better accompanied by blooming flowers and brightly shining, warm sun. However, one of the best spring activities in Florence are free. For instance, visit Il Giardino delle Rose or Il Giardino dell’Iris, with more than 1,000 varieties of flora every spring season. Also, the gardens are located under hilltop Piazzale Michelangelo and share the square’s prime view of Florence.

Easter in Florence

In case you are planning to visit Florence at Easter, don’t miss the exploding Easter Cart in Piazza Duomo. Every Easter Sunday at 11 a.m., Florence detonates a carriage in front of its biggest church. First of all, the procession of flag throwers, drummers, trumpeters, Florentines in Renaissance costumes drops off the 17th-century cart in front of the Duomo.  In conclusion, the show kicks off from the moment when a dove-like rocket flies into the carriage and ignites a 20-minute show of exploding fireworks. This tradition guarantees a good harvest for the Florentines. By the way, this is the most unique way of celebrating Easter.

Ice-cream Parade

Every May, from 17 to 26 there is a huge Firenze Gelato Festival or Ice-cream parade. The Festival will be represented in three principal city squares: Piazza Della Repubblica, Piazza Strozzi, and Piazza Santa Maria Novella. A tasting card costs about €7 for five samples. Therefore, during these dates, you have a unique chance to try exclusive ice-cream tastes, sip ice-cream cocktails, watch the process of gelato preparation and participate in “Taste, Vote, and Win” contest.

After-dark Arts Festival

Are you a night’s bird? Then participate in 12-hour, after-dark arts festival, from 6 pm to 6 am. White Night is a night’s festival, combining different kinds of arts – music, dancing, paintings and more. Free museum entrances, one-time-only tours; restaurants, shops, and bars open all night; concerts, orchestras, art installations, and food and drink stalls in every piazza.

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Spring in Florence. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux - Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower in Florence, Italy. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights.

Denpasar Bali, Bali March Celebrations 

March is an early beginning of Bali’s dry season and a month of celebrations that starts with the Balinese New Year or Nyepi. Solely this fact is quite promising, right? At the end of the month, Galungan is the most important holiday of the year. The day before Nyepi, Tawur Agung Kesanga, is when there is the most action around Bali. This is the ‘Day of Great Sacrifices’, with ceremonies all across the island. At about 4pm villagers are fully dressed in traditional garb gather in town centers, playing music and offering gifts, like food and flowers to the Ogoh-Ogoh, which are huge monster sculptures with menacing fingers, bulging eyes and scary faces. Finally, after traditional prayers and speeches, the Ogoh-Ogoh dolls are burnt with torches and bonfires in a final symbolic gesture to be rid of the evil spirits for the year ahead.

Day of Silence

Wherever you are in Bali, you will find a similar procession in every town, however, the most spectacular one will be held within the Island capital, Denpasar.  For example, the day of Nyepi itself lasts for 24 hours from sunrise and is one the day of complete inactivity, so that when the evil spirits descend they will decide that Bali is uninhabited and leave it. Locals call it the ‘Day of Silence’, and that day all human activity stops, no-one is allowed to leave their home or hotel. Even Bali’s international airport closes down. No fires are permitted and at night all buildings must be blacked out.

Nature Bliss in Bali

In case you are hooked on nature, check out mangrove forests. The island’s largest mangrove forest is located on the southern coastline of Denpasar, Suwung village. The forest covers 1,375ha of land with wooden tracks where you can enjoy leisurely walks through lush scenes filled with nature sounds. Deep within are several shelters where you can sit down and enjoy the fresh air, as well as two 25m-tall watchtowers offering views over the forest. This mangrove forest is an ultimate oasis, where you may find peace of mind.

And, for sure, Bali can offer excellent beaches, reminding of paradise. Those are Geger Beach, Green Bowl Beach, Atuh Beach, and Bias Tugal beach.

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Bali. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux - Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Bali. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Paris, France

Paris is an extremely beautiful and romantic city to explore any season, but spring is the time to bathe in the atmosphere of Sinatra’s April in Paris. On clear spring days with clear blue skies, the 324 m tall Eiffel Tower is especially graceful, as you might see it clearly from any angle. Also, enjoy the panoramic views from the Michelin-starred restaurant “Le Jules Verne” and see how fresh green grass is slowly covering the city lawns.

Luxury Paris

Go to Île St-Louis or Île de la Cité, both perfect for a continuous walk and for a more romantic time. Visit Île St-Louis and Île de la Cité have car-free streets full of luxury brand boutiques, such as Chanel, Hermes, Lanvin, Dior and others. Also, apart from luxury clothing stores, you will find gourmet stores with hand-made chocolates, art galleries and more these two islands seem to be like an oasis from the rush of the city as if someone has dropped a small French “province” into the center of Paris. In addition, pay a visit to Château de Versailles.

Musical Fountain Show & Museums

In the late spring, there is a Musical Fountain show going on in the magnificent gardens of Château de Versailles, France’s most colossal castle in terms of architectural excellence. This seasonal show of “dancing water”, displays the beauty of the garden fountains, while music composed by baroque and classical era composers. In case you enjoy gardens, after visiting Château de Versailles go to Carousel gardens and Tuileries, which offer explosions of spring color, fragrant paths, and makes you sink in flower petals.
Some people call Paris the cultural capital of the world, due to the huge amount of museums and architectural monuments.

 The Top 10 List of Best Parisian Museums:

  • Musee d’Orsay;
  • Musee du Louvre;
  • Musee de l’Orangerie;
  • Musee Rodin;
  • Musee Marmottan;
  • Musee Jacquemart-Andre;
  • Musee Nissim de Camondo;
  • Army Museum;
  • Musee de Cluny
  • Musee National du Moyen Age 

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Spring in Paris. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux - Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Alexandre III bridge in Paris in the morning, France. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan is among the best destinations for spring travel, thanks to the beauty of blooming cherry trees or sakuras. Seems like Tokyo celebrates the arrival of spring with bright and vivid festivals, transforming the city streets after winter’s hibernation. Of course in Japan, the seasons aren’t just something to see. They’re something to taste, too, and one of the pleasures of visiting Tokyo in spring is tasting the season’s delicacies, like fresh bamboo shoots or talenoko. So the tender, slightly bitter shoots are usually parboiled or steamed with rice (a dish called takikomi gohan). Also, other spring vegetables to look out for are fukinoto (butter-bur buds), often served in tempura, and warabi (fiddle-head fern). Head to one of Tokyo’s many farmer’s markets, like the one at the United Nations University plaza, to see what these and more seasonal veggies look like before they land on the plate.

Sakura Trees

Getting back to sakura trees, visit Tokyo’s greatest parks, including Ueno Onshi Park and Shinjuku-gyoen National Garden. Riverbanks with promenades like Meguro-gawa are sinking in sakura blossoms as well. The sakura season begins in late March or early April. Letting go from the urban life high pace to spend a few minutes in this beauty and tranquility as an ancient tradition. Don’t miss this beautiful period, sakura blooming season lasts only 2 weeks till the next year.

Therefore, Tokyo has a busy with holidays schedule in spring. For example, on April 8 Tokyo’s famous temple Sensō-ji celebrates the Buddha’s birthday, therefore, a festival known as the Hana Matsuri. Children from the local kindergarten join in the celebrations by pulling a paper mâché white elephant, an ancient Buddhist symbol, through the temple precincts. This is one of the most peculiar festivals, excellently representing the Japanese culture.

Mount Takao

… is Tokyo’s very own mountain, located on the western outskirts of the city. Like many other mountains, it has a Buddhist temple called Yakuo-in. Every March, Yakuo-in holds a fascinating purification ritual, called Hiwatari-sai – which literally means ‘fire-walking festival.’ The event begins with a huge bonfire, during which supplicants rub their bodies with sticks, which are then fed to the fire. Once the fire dies down the main attraction begins: ascetic monks walk across the burning coals. When the coals cool down a bit more, spectators are welcome to follow in their footsteps.

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Spring in Tokyo. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux - Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Spring in Tokyo. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

One more good destinations to visit this spring, the city of canals, bicycles and famous Holland’s tulips. Seems like Amsterdam seems to be made for spring-time. A walk, boat tour or bike ride along the canals that weave through the city is quintessentially Amsterdamisch. In addition, enjoy a coffee, a beer or a tasty meal in one of the city’s many and varied cafés.

Tulips in Amsterdam

March is the month of tulips in Amsterdam. So each spring, the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse come alive with blooming flowers in every color of the rainbow. Come through the tulips at the world’s largest flower gardens. Keukenhof is open from 23 March 2017 up to 21 May 2017. Here you can enjoy 7 million flower bulbs bloom over 32 hectares, the park is awash with the sight and scent of blossoming flowers. Moreover, see the flower shows, experience this year’s theme pavilion and delight in the statues dotted around the park.

Flowers Everywhere

Also, one more place to see blooming tulips is Amsterdam’s Flowers Strip or “Bollenstreek”, one of the most unique and popular sights in the Netherlands. Furthermore, with Holland’s famous bulb fields in full bloom, you’ll be surrounded on all sides by a rainbow of flowers: purple hyacinths, pink crocuses, countless varieties of tulips and bright yellow daffodils. Don’t miss one of the world’s most photogenic attractions, the Keukenhof flower gardens, which opens for just eight short weeks each year.

Liberation Day

On May 5th Amsterdam and the Netherlands celebrates the country’s liberation from German troops in 1945. On this special day, the whole city becomes a homeland for various activities and events. The festival will have extensive musical programs and big-name acts relating to the theme of freedom. At various spots in the city Dutch bands and international musicians and DJs will perform live. So want to get closer to history? Across the whole city, there will be small-sized commemoration gatherings in the living rooms, attics or cafés of former Jewish residents and resistance fighters. Speakers will tell their stories about life before, during and after the war, persecution, resistance, and liberation. In addition, these stories will be accompanied by films, music, poems, photos and personal diary fragments.

Gourmet Amsterdam

Luckily for gourmet-travelers Amsterdam Restaurant Week will become a spring highlight. Michelin-starred restaurants lauded celebrity dining haunts and trendy eateries. Seems like in Amsterdam, like elsewhere in the country, turns into a diner’s mecca twice a year for Amsterdam Restaurant Week. Hereby, the idea is simple: eat, drink and be merry. Above all, it’s a great opportunity to sample some of Amsterdam’s finest dining establishments.

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Spring in Amsterdam. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux - Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Spring in Amsterdam. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

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