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Air India business class review 2023

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2022 has been a revolutionary year for Air India. After decades under the Indian government, the carrier has been privatized and is now part of the Tata Group. As a result, what has changed during the first year of the takeover? Read our Air India business class review 2023 to be up to date with the latest developments in the executive class. 

Air India business class review: a step in the right direction

First of all, Air India has always been a key player in the Indian aviation market. Significantly over the years, the airline has undergone numerous changes to stay relevant in a constantly evolving industry. However, Air India’s business class product has been hardly competitive and outdated in recent years. 

Since the Tata takeover at the beginning of 2022, various areas have seen an improvement. Therefore, we want to emphasize the following enhancements: the overall service from booking to baggage collection, punctuality, cabin service, and finally, aircraft cleanliness and upkeep. 

Air India Business Class review

Air India Business Class on Boeing 787

Current investments in Air India business and first class products

In 2022 Air India confirmed a $400 million investment will update the cabins of its Boeing 787s and 777s. Furthermore, the airline will maintain first class on 777s and introduce a new business class on all long-haul planes. While they planned to launch the new first and business class of Air India in mid-2024. 

Additionally, Air India is also in the process of acquiring some used Boeing 777s from other carriers, which would lead to immediate cabin upgrades. For example, Air India is leasing some former Delta Boeing 777-200LRs, which already have business class suites. 

Withal, the most significant change is yet to come. At the beginning of 2023, Air India sealed the biggest-ever aviation deal, by purchasing 470 passenger aircraft from Airbus and Boeing. Consequently, the airline’s renaissance under the Tata group aims to capitalize on India’s growing base of air travelers and large diaspora across the world.  

Answering the most frequent questions about Air India’s business class

There are a lot of questions that travelers ask about flying Air India business class. In this Air India Business class review, SkyLux Travel experts give answers to the most frequent ones. 

What is included in Air India business class?

A business class ticket on Air India includes priority check-in, priority baggage, priority lounge access, enhanced free baggage allowance, gourmet meals, and comfortable seats with ample of legroom. 

Does Air India have business class lounges?

Air India offers access to premium lounges to their business class passengers in many airports. Maharaja Lounge is Air India’s signature hospitality hub on the ground for first and business class travelers.  

Air India Maharaja International Business Class Lounge in New Delhi

Does Air India have lie-flat beds in business class?

On long-haul routes, the wide-body aircraft have flatbed seats in Air India business class. More information on business class seat updates to follow. 

What are the top Air India business class cities?

Top destination cities for SkyLux Travel customers choosing Air India business class are Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore. Overall, with Air India, you can fly to over 70 destinations internationally and 100 Indian destinations. 

SkyLux Travel discounted business class flights

Book discounted Air India business class flights to international destinations with SkyLux Travel managers

How many meals are included in Air India business class flights?

The number of meals depends on the length of the flight. Therefore, on international flights for up to 6 hours, you will have 1 major meal. While, for flights 6h to 10h, business class passengers will have 1 major meal and 1 minor meal. In addition, flights for 10h and above, will have 2 major meals and 1 minor meal. 

How much does it cost to fly Air India business class?

SkyLux Travel offers discounts for Air India business class tickets. But overall, Air India’s business class fares vary depending on a few factors, including your destination, the time of year you’re traveling, and how far in advance you book your ticket. However, in general, Air India’s business class fares are often more affordable than some other airlines’ business class fares. SkyLux Travel managers will help you to explore cheap Air India business class flights. 

Bottom line

In this Air India business class review 2023, we concluded that the coming years will be game-changers for Air India. We hope to see the implementation of intended improvements coming soon. Especially because Air India is one of the top airlines, SkyLux Travel customers choose for their business class trips, SkyLux Travel managers will gladly assist you with trip planning and provide low-priced tickets for Air India business class. Give us a call at 888-996-2502. 

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