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Have you ever wondered what’s the real difference between flying first or business? Is it a matter of seat dimensions, on-board meals or services? Specially for our readers, we have prepared a top 5 list of main differences between flying first or business class. Read now and become an expert in air travel classes!

Premium Lounges Access

Every first class traveler has an access to the very best airport lounges. Even though, business class travelers have a possibility to enter business lounges, they are usually designed in order to provide their visitors with a quiet and comfortable space to work and relax, while first class lounge is really a combination of such luxurious experiences, as visiting Micheline Star restaurant, going to SPA and staying in a boutique hotel. All the first class lounges are designed in accordance with top designers and architects, providing absolutely stunning results. For example, redesigned Cathay Pacific Lounge in Hong Kong Airport. Find a full description of it here: https://www.loungebuddy.com/blog/ultimate-guide-cathay-pacific-lounges-hong-kong-international-airport/

First VS Business

Etihad Airways First Class lounge. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights.

Boarding Privileges

No need to mention, that first class passengers have an advantage over the rest of the passengers in terms of checking-in. Some airlines, besides that, offer some extra services like being A personally escorted from the flight to the lounge, and from the lounge to the departing flight, while carrying the luggage.

Personal Approach

Cabin crew is paying all the attention towards first class passengers, trying to predict their every single wish. Your glass will never be less than half full, and you can eat or drink whenever you’d like. You can expect the immediate reaction and full personalization.

Food & Drinks

First Class passengers may enjoy the wide range of luxury alcohol beverages as well as restaurant quality meals. Stuffing bar and preparing exceptional meals is the battle-field for every airline, where each of them is trying to be the best. First Class passengers re treated with Hennessy Paradis, Moet et Chandon, Veuve Clicquot and others. If to talk about meals, they are seasonally updated and prepared in the very best traditions of different cuisine styles. All the meals are undertaken by Micheline Star world known Chefs, which leaves no doubts about it’s taste. Why not to start your trip with a glass of champagne and caviar topped toast? Read more about 10 Best Business & First Class Meals

First VS Business

First Class Service. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights.

Getting your Comfort

Having enough free space is what we are looking forward to have during long-haul flight. Apparently, first class seats allocate the most spacious seats and recline into fully flat bed for comfortable sleep. Nobody wants a jet lag, right? Privacy curtains, control panels, rich entertainment programs, pajamas, amenity kits and much more to make your flight an unforgettable experience.

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