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9 Websites for a Smooth Business Trip

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If you need to travel for your job, you know that business trips can be excruciating, dull, and repetitive. But business travelers ideally need to be agile, motivated, and eager to maximize the benefits of their trip. So how can we bridge the gap between these two contrasting states – the reality and the ideal? In the recent past, the question had no definite answer, but today there are so many that it’s hard to choose the best one! And so we’ve created a  list of 10 business travel planning websites created to help you to plan a smooth business trip without getting a headache.

#1 KAYAK: “An Airfare Tool Every Traveler Should Know”


Continually named one of the best travel planning websites, KAYAK lives up to all its honors every time a hopeful traveler uses the search engine to find cheap flights, hotels, car rentals, travel packages, and cruises. The complicated process of scouring hundreds of travel sites for the required information is no longer necessary for users. Instead, KAYAK is simple to use and offers a number of special features, administering search results with enhanced efficiency.

9 Websites for a Smooth Business Trip: kayak.com. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

#2 Airbnb – Accommodation for Every Temperament Type


It doesn’t matter if you are an apathetic, melancholic, irritable, or optimistic person, Airbnb accommodation search engine will find makeshift accommodation tailored to you. Connecting renters with owners across 65,000+ cities and 191+ countries, Airbnb makes sure your travel experience matches the advertised one. A bungalow, castle, skyscraper, igloo, or maybe a hostel – tell Airbnb what, where, and when you want and forget about the sameness of regular hotel rooms.

#3 Jetsetter: “Your Most Travelled-Friend”


Like other similar websites, Jetsetter specializes in joining travelers with their preferred accommodations; but unlike any other, Jetsetter strives to verify every accommodation it advises. The Jetsetter verified stamp means that one of its officers has visited a particular hotel, and thus testifies to the high quality of its beds, shower pressure, the concierge’s local knowledge, and all other tiny yet important things capable of both destroying and perfecting your biz trip.

9 Websites for a Smooth Business Trip: jetsetter.com. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

#4 TMG Corporate – Useful Business Travel Links


Need information on visa and passport requirements or the UK rail seating map? Considering pre-booking VIP airport lounge or a parking place at the airport? Want to check in online or get discounted holidays? Head to TMG Corporate website and dive into dozens of links which will solve all of these problems.

#5 FlightView – Track Your Flight Live


With thousands of flights canceled every day, it’s rather hard to implement the “time is money” theorem in your life, isn’t it? At least it used to be until www.flightview.com came into play. The service that tracks your flight live, as well as stating both the scheduled and actual time of departure and arrival, terminal gates, weather, aircraft ground speed and altitude, is the ultimate aid in business travel planning.

#6 Google Maps and Google Translate – Erase “Lost” from Your Vocabulary

www.maps.google.com / www.translate.google.com

If you use Google Translate and Google Maps, your business trip will never be spoiled because you are lost in translation or in the streets. If you don’t use these yet, it’s best to start now and always have your location marked on a map and words translated into any language spoken in the world.

9 Websites for a Smooth Business Trip: maps.google.com. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

#7 Ajungo – Stay Connected At All Times


An expert in boosting your social media presence and data driven marketing, www.ajungo.com is no less valuable when it comes to business travel. As it works directly with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social sites you already use, you can let your contacts know about your business travel, even get some advice about it, and find out who is traveling on the same dates as you, and go on a date. Strictly business, of course! Or maybe not :)!

#8 CBT for Insomnia – Dream a Dream


Excruciating, dull, repetitive, and resulting in sleepless nights. Though an accurate description of a business trip, it doesn’t have to be that way. To have a  more happy trip, subscribe to the CBT-I “Cure Insomnia” program and increase relaxation with sleep techniques developed at Harvard Medical School. Forget about sleeping pills and start each new day of your business trip afresh!

#9 SkyLuxTravel: “Fly Business & First Class for Less”


Here’s your ultimate business travel tip – fly business & first class for less! How to accomplish the impossible? Search for www.skyluxtravel.com and allow this 24/7/365 service to do all the footwork for you: make complex and last minute bookings, upgrade business to first class, and offer a concierge service. If you indeed want to avoid a headache, give SkyLuxTravel a try; an expert at making your travel experience as smooth as possible from start to finish.

Business trips consist of so many tiny details that it’s quite impossible to take care of them all. Don’t let something go awry, use the help of travel websites and get several issues solved at the same time. If you need to book a hotel, opt for hotel booking websites. If you need to plan your day, opt for flight tracking websites. If you need to book cheap business class flights, opt for SkyLuxTravel! The formula for success is that simple! SkyLux has something business travelers will enjoy for sure.

9 Websites for a Smooth Business Trip: skyluxtravel.com. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

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