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Business Class vs Economy Class

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As a farewell to “the biggest fight in combat sports history”, we’ve decided to review one of the longest and most contested fights in the history of the airline industry: business class vs economy class. Who takes home the victor’s belt – the practical, low-cost economy class or the extravagant, luxury and comfort prioritizing business class? To see who gets a knockout, let’s learn what tricks and techniques – in terms of seats, services, and check-in facilities – each has mastered to impress YOU, the judge. And now business class vs economy in thorough detail drop down.

Economy Class: Airline Class for the Masses

Business Class Vs Economy: economy Class Seats, Finnair. SkyLux - Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Business Class Vs Economy: Economy Class Seats, Finnair. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Why would somebody call economy class “cattle class”, when the majority of passengers sit in economy class seats? How justified is this name-calling, and does economy class deserve better? Let the facts speak for themselves!


Usually, seats in economy class have the following parameters: width – 17 to 19 inches, pitch – 30 to 32 inches, recline – 100 to 115 degrees. To put it simply, economy class passengers are stuck with limited space in the cabin, with no leg room and footrest, and no chance to relax.


The no. 1 rule for those flying in economy class – have a good meal before your flight or take some food with you, otherwise you’ll fall prey to gut-wrenching hunger! Why such a precaution? That’s really simple – in economy class, food and beverage offerings are either nonexistent or a luxury available only on select airlines.

If you’re lucky, and the airline does serve some meals (at this stage of hunger, you probably won’t even notice that these are microwaved dishes served with plastic wrap), don’t get too excited just yet, as economy class passengers are always served last. One overhead TV for each row probably won’t be much help in muting your rumbling stomach or distracting you from all of your worries.

Check-In Facilities

If you love to spend your time waiting, whether to train your patience, to be part of a community of people standing next to each other in long lines, or simply prefer a basic way of life, and are open to such features of airport common areas like hard seats, noise, and invasion of your personal space, congratulations – you and economy class are a match made in heaven!

But we still haven’t answered the question – why “cattle class”; have we?

Business Class: Airline Class for Those Who Love the Journey

Business Class Vs Economy: Business Class Seats, China Airlines. SkyLux - Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Business Class Vs Economy: Business Class Seats, China Airlines. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

They say that if you fly business class once, you’ll never be happy in economy again! We have no idea who are they, but we have at least a slight understanding of why they would say so. But once again – let the facts speak for themselves!

Business Class Seats

Usually, business class seats have the following parameters: width – 70 to 80 inches, pitch – 48 to 60 inches, recline – 150 to 180 degrees. To put it simply, business class passengers can enjoy themselves in comfortable seats that convert to lay-flat beds, with a lot of space for legs (you can do splits there), and the opportunity to relax and sleep as if they were in their own bed. Oh, and each seat has a power outlet – a life support system to keep your laptop going during the whole flight.

Business Class Services

There are so many precious things about business class flights, and so it’s impossible to single out just a few! But we’ll try! Business class meals definitely deserve a mention! Why? They are beautifully crafted, they are the specimen of high-quality food, they are part of menus created by top chefs, and they are served on real china with real knives and forks!

A huge assortment of beverages are available to complement your  meal. You’ll have a chance to try different wines, champagnes, and cocktails, not only during your flight but even before departure. For free, did we mention that already? Here you have another business class vs coach reality: beverages served to you in business class for free won’t be available in the economy even if you pay.

In-between eating and drinking, business class ticket holders can indulge in hundreds of films, tv-shows, and music on gigantic TV screens available to each passenger individually. By the way, sometimes business class passengers spend their time at the bar; yes, at the bar on board of a plane!

Business Class Check-In Facilities

Whatever happens, business class passengers are always served first! Priority check-in, priority security-lines, and Fast Pass Lane through passport control make waiting in line an obsolete experience. Instead, business class passengers hang out in special waiting lounges with elite quality food and drink, sofas, showers, and spa, surrounded by tranquility and beautiful views.

Let’s agree that it’s not so difficult to understand why somebody who has flown in business class would never want to return to economy class. It’s like opting for pain instead of pleasure, narrow instead of wide, hunger instead of satisfaction, unattractive instead of beautiful.

Regardless of who you supported in Mayweather vs McGregor fight, in business class vs economy class combat, there’s only one victor, and it’s clearly not economy class. If you don’t trust us, book business class tickets and prove yourself wrong. If you do trust us, keep flying business class. Remember – it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey. And at least occasionally, your life journey has to steer you to the luxury and comfort that is business class.

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