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Have you ever thought where to look for discounted business and first class tickets? In case some people are unclear about how to use our services, we decided to write a comprehensive guide on how to book with SkyLuxTravel and which benefits you can get if you book Business and First Class flights with us. Here we go!

Let’s Imagine…

For example, you live in San Francisco and you plan to go to Rome for 1 week to spend there Christmas Holidays. You are more or less clear with departure dates and now start looking for possible flight options. If doing this by yourself, you have to spend lots of time online, scrolling numerous websites in the pursue of the best deal. For the majority of people, especially business people, it may become a serious challenge. Nowadays people usually lack free time even for healthy 8h sleep. But don’t worry, leave this to us and enjoy the results.

Who we are?

SkyLuxTravel is a full service company that specializes in Luxury and Business Travel internationally. SkyLuxTravel or SkyLux has a team of over 50 hand-picked Business and First Class travel managers with over 11 years of experience. Our company can not only offer you Business and First Class flights at wholesale rates, but provide you full range of other relevant services at the expert-level. We offer privately negotiated contract prices that others cannot find online.

How to Book with SkyLux Managers? SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux - Discounted Business and First Class Tickets

How to Book with SkyLux Managers? SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Tickets

Why to choose us?

Once requested, one of our experts will be assigned as your Personal Travel Expert, who will not only save your time, but your money as well. SkyLuxTravel Experts help our customers to save $2,472 on average every single time. Whether you plan a business trip or leisure, we guarantee to find the best-value solution to enhance your travel experience and minimize costs. And our capabilities go far beyond simply booking your flight. SkyLux can offer you business and first class tickets at a discount of 50-70% off the average market price. Furthermore, SkyLuxTarvel is accredited A+ in BBB Business Reviews and 5* in Trustpilot, which proves the high quality of our services.

How to work with us?

Instead of searching for a flight on your own, you can simply fill-in online request form or call tol-free 855-382-8493. State the approximate dates, route and any other preferences. Knowing all the details, your Personal Travel Expert will offer you several options to choose from. Get detailed itineraries from the Travel Manager within minutes in your inbox. One decided, confirm seat-assignment, pay securely and receive your ticket via e-mail. As you might have noticed, we do not have online booking system as many other companies. SkyLuxTravel emphasizes the personal approach to every customer, which can be achieved only through the communication between the client and his Personal Travel Concierge.

How else can we assist you?

As already stated, our Travel Experts can do more than simply booking your Business or First Class flight cheaper. SkyLux range of services includes:

  • Complex and last minute bookings
  • In-flight seat and meal assignments
  • Upgrades to First Class
  • Transfer organization
  • Booking accommodation (hotels, villas, etc.)
  • Provide other relevant information
  • Corporate travel management
  • Priority confirmation on overbooked flights
  • and more!

Which airlines do we sell? What about destinations?

SkyLux Travel Experts can quote any routing, any airline, including multi-airlines combinations. SkyLux operates worldwide, offering our customers the very best destinations to visit in Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Africa, India & ISC, North America. You can find a full list of destinations on our official website. No matter whether you are flying from US, Hong Kong, UK or any other location, we can find a route for you.

What is our working schedule?

We are available anytime via phone or email offering 24/7/365 global support wherever you are.

Bottom Line

As you might see, everything is simple. All you need is to leave us your request, the rest of the legwork will be done by your Personal Travel Expert. No matter, whether you like to communicate via e-mail or phone calls, you can always reach us. Once ready, choose from options provided by your Travel Expert and confirm the booking of the most suitable one. That’s all you’ve got to do! We are the easiest way to get cheap discounted business and first class tickets without spending hours of searching, comparing and booking them by yourself.

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