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Tips to get cheap business class flights to Europe in 2023

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When traveling to Europe, where the flight takes 6 hours or more, it’s definitely worth choosing a business class seat. The regular price of business class tickets can be pretty expensive. However, getting cheaper and discounted business class fares is easier if you know a few tricks. Read on to unveil tips to get cheap business class flights to Europe in 2023. 

How to find cheap business class flights to Europe?

If you’re willing to search and book your cheap business class flight to Europe by yourself, below are the tips to know before getting started. Although this knowledge will be helpful also to those planning their European trip with the help of a travel expert.

Book your business class ticket to Europe early enough

According to Google Flights analysis, the best deals to Europe tend to be found between 50 and 179 days from travel. And the best fares are found around 129 days before departure. We noticed that in 2022, SkyLux Travel customers felt more comfortable planning and booking their European trips farther in advance again. 47% of all business class flights to Europe were booked 91+ days in advance.  

The optimal time to book business class flights to Europe and get good discounts on tickets from airlines is at least 2 months before the flight date. 

Be flexible with travel dates and get cheaper flights to Europe

Be flexible to book cheaper business class to Europe

The cheapest business class deals to Europe are in the early spring and late fall months

Adding a couple of days before or after your planned travel dates to Europe may lower the business class fare. If possible, avoid peak business travel days like Monday or Friday. These are the most popular days for business people to fly. As a result, the demand increases, and prices can be more expensive. 

Also, consider flying during the off-peak season. When is the cheapest time to fly to Europe? Historically, the cheapest time to fly to Europe is in the early spring and late fall months. This includes March, April, October, and November. The top departure month to European destinations at SkyLux Travel is June. 

Consider alternative airports and airlines

You may have heard about the busiest European airports like London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle, or Frankfurt am Main. However, another way to save on business class flights to Europe is to fly into nearby cities and then book a cheaper connecting flight or even a train. Don’t hesitate to choose the train, as the rail system is well-developed in Europe. Also, flying to a lesser-known city ensures that the business class seats don’t sell out as fast.  

Speaking about alternative airlines, our advice is not to stick to a certain airline when searching for cheap business class flights to Europe. It’s a continuous competition of business class airlines to make passengers choose them. Some offer great prices and more luxurious perks to win the competition. 

What is the most popular airline offering Business Class flights to Europe? The most preferred airlines for SkyLux Travel customers in 2022 were: United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Air France, and Swiss Airlines. 

Planning a layover or stopover can be beneficial

Discounts on business class fligths to Europe

adding a layover or stopover can be cheaper than getting a direct business class flight to Europe

First of all, let’s start with the difference between those two. While a layover lasts for less than 24 hours, a stopover is considered to last 24 hours or longer. You may consider booking a layover flight since it is usually less expensive. 

Having a stopover in an additional European city means you get 2 business class flights for the price of 1, and it enables you to see more for your money. Also, some airlines offer affordable stopover programs. 

Get help of an expert to book cheapest business class flights to Europe

If you want to escape the booking complexities and get the cheapest business class deals, try booking with a travel expert. For example, no matter what European destination you choose, Skylux Travel experts will do research and provide you with plenty of options. 

All SkyLux Travel managers have access to insider deals and unpublished fares. With SkyLux you can get the same business class seat and save 50-77% off retail prices. Book one-way, roundtrip, and, of course, multi-city trips to Europe, as well as additional travel services like accommodation or transport.  

But the best part is, that travel experts at SkyLux Travel are available 24/7 to help with any inquiries that will come up before, during, or after the trip.  

What are the most popular business class destinations in Europe?

For SkyLux Travel customers in particular, the top visited countries currently are: Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. If we’re looking at top business class cities, the most popular in 2022 were: London, Rome, Paris, Athens, and Barcelona.  

We’re excited to see what will be the most popular business class destinations in 2023. 

Think we forgot a tip to find cheap business class flights to Europe in 2023? Share your own tips in the comments section. 

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