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Best European Beach Destinations 2024

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With travelers’ attention starting to switch to spring and summer vacations, Europe is once again calling across the ocean with its charm, sophistication, diverse culture, and rich history. Europe’s natural splendor shines when the summer season dawns over her cosmopolitan and ancient cities. Therefore, we have created a blog that looks at the ‘best European beach destinations.” In addition, we have chosen the top destinations for US travelers and added our best flight deals to the cheapest European beach destinations.

#5 Best European beach destinations Porthminster Beach, UK

best European beach vacations

The UK is home to many cutting-edge cities, sleepy villages, and quintessential towns. And when it comes to the best European beach vacations, the UK has a hidden gem in an old fishing port named St Ives. Situated in the southwest of England, St Ives is home to artists from all over the world and, most importantly, the award-winning beach at Porthminster. With golden beaches, palm trees, and azure seas, this glittering bay has the mildest climate in the UK.

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#4 Best European beach destinations – Calanque d’ En Vau, France

best European beach vacations

En Vau is a perfect example of how exquisite tropical European vacations can be. After a hike through spectacular limestone cliffs, you will reach the crystal clear waters of En Vau’s shingle beach. Uniquely nestled between white cliffs that tower over each side of the water. Also known as a paradise for kayaking, the viewpoints of your trek are worth the journey alone.

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#3 Best European beach destinations – Concha Beach, Spain

If you are looking for a city beach, La Concha Beach in the northeast corner of Spain is a great choice. Imagine flaxen sands, panoramic views, and a famous white promenade of restaurants and bars. Indeed, it’s true to say La Concha Beach is a city beach that has it all. Furthermore, in August, there is the “Big Week,” which holds an international fireworks display in the heart of the bay. If you’re looking for cheap business class flights to Europe, check out our Tips to get cheap business class flights to Europe in 2023.

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#2 Best European beach destinations –  Koukounaries Beach, Greece

best European beach destinations

Voted as the most unspoiled natural beach of the Mediterranean, Koukounaries Beach is one of the finest in Europe. With white sands, truculent blue waters, and the scent of pine on the breezes, Koukounaries is an ecotourism hotspot. In addition, all water sports are available, and hotels and restaurants surround the beach.

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#1 Best European beach Destinations – Marina Grande Beach, Italy

best European beach destinations

Like all the countries we have mentioned in this blog, Italy has so many incredible beaches to choose from. However, when it comes to the number 1 destination for the best European beach vacations, Marina Grande Beach of Positano is our choice. Set against the backdrop of the Amalfi Coast, Positano is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

With colorful hotels, bars, and restaurants ascending up the cliffside and with all water sports on offer, Marina Grande’s sun worships are chic, stylish, and well catered for.

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In summary

Europe’s beaches are known for their stunning natural beauty. Each beach offers a unique and picturesque landscape, from the golden sandy shores of the Mediterranean to the rugged cliffs along the Atlantic coast. They are known for their lively beach culture, beach bars, music festivals, and vibrant nightlife. It’s perfect for those seeking a fun and social beach vacation.

Even though the beaches we picked for Best European Beach Vacations 2023 are all outstanding, All of the above countries have many other hidden gems to choose from. Furthermore, if you have flight booking queries or want to take advantage of our concierge services, our experts are available 24/7. Also, check out our blog for the Best Business Class Airlines Flying to Europe in 2024. In addition, here are our business class flight deals to Europe. 

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