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Japan Airlines’ New A350-1000: Elevating Your Travel Experience

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Japan Airlines recently unveiled the design of its new A350-1000 cabin design. Those traveling with Japan Airlines are in for an exciting flight! Privacy doors, large entertainment screens, and convenient beds. These are a few of the features you can expect on Japan Airlines’ new international aircraft.

A New Cabin Design for Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines is truly offering a premium experience in its premium economy class

Japan Airlines focused on offering the most comfortable cabin regardless of class for its new cabin design. So even if you travel in Japan Airlines’ Economy cabin, you’ll enjoy the world’s highest economy class with generous space and comfort. If you upgrade to Premium Economy, you’ll get the convenience of flying in a special FIXBACK seat with an easy recline and a legrest that will automatically go up into a horizontal position. You also have a chance at some extra privacy with a large screen divider between seats.

Business Class: A New Experience

Business class at Japan Airlines comes with a private wardrobe

Exciting news for those planning to fly in Business Class with Japan Airlines! Japan Airlines is offering fully private rooms in business class for the first time ever! Get easy access to your luggage and say goodbye to headphones: the sound system is built into your headrest for added comfort. The entertainment screen is an impressive 24 inches, comparable to first class with some airlines.

Business class travelers have room for one suitcase under the ottoman, making it convenient to get in and out of your seat. You’ll have convenient access to your belongings if you need something from your carry-on during the flight. In business class, you’ll also get your own full-length private wardrobe, where you can hang your coat. This is incredibly convenient when traveling during the colder months of the year.

First Class: Japan Airline’s Most Comfortable Experience to Date

First class at Japan Airlines offers a fully-private experience

Japan Airlines has gone all-in to provide its first class travelers unparalleled comfort. To begin, you get your personal door to enjoy your privacy. Once you close the door, you’ll discover an ample and private space that will remind you of a hotel. Your seat is a large sofa which you can transform into a single or double bed. Once the plane takes off, you’re allowed up to 3 people in your private room: two can sit on the sofa, and one person on the ottoman. Most won’t use the option, but it could be handy if you’re traveling with workmates and need to have a quick meeting and keep it private.

Like in business class, the speakers are built into the headrest. As a result, you can enjoy the top-notch entertainment system without straining your ears. As for the in-flight entertainment screen, it just may rival the television you have at home. Japan Airlines has installed 43-inch screens for its first class customers!

Fly Japan Airlines’s New A350-1000

Flights on the new aircraft begin on January 24, 2024. The initial route is JFK New York to Tokyo Haneda International Airport, with flights taking place every other day.

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