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7 Michelin Restaurants You MUST Visit

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The world’s destinations are beautiful, cultural, and historical. They’re also delicious, so we’ve put together our Top 7 Michelin restaurants you must visit when you travel.

These are some of the best restaurants in the world, so make sure to make a reservation if you’re visiting one of the cities. And just maybe one of the restaurants will persuade you to make travel plans around it.

1. King’s Joy, Beijing, China

Barbecued mini king oyster mushrooms, wrapped in seaweed and potato, stuffed with wild rice, comté and mozzarella, topped with candied lemon peel and mint. Paired with a white miso sauce.

Mini king oyster mushrooms. Photo by Gary Yin

What sets King’s Joy apart is that it’s a vegetarian restaurant with 3 Michelin stars. Located near Yonghe Temple in Beijing, the restaurant stands in one of the city’s typical courtyards. Visitors appreciate the flavor of the food and its satiety. If you’re in the mood for steak, King’s Joy might not be your best bet. Otherwise, you will enjoy the food even if you’re not a vegetarian. As is customary at many Michelin restaurants, you cannot order separate menu items here. You’ll need to choose one of the sets on offer.

Eating at King’s Joy is both delicious and a way to support a sustainable lifestyle, which the restaurant owner is a proponent of.

The Michelin guide suggests ordering the classic menu to sample King’s Joy’s specialties in one go. There’s also a solar-term menu that changes every 15 days. So you can keep returning to the restaurant to be amazed by Chef Gary Yin’s prowess.

2. Frilu, Toronto, Canada

Photo by Frilu

The Asian-inspired menu at Frilu has foodies raving about its meals prepared with hand-picked ingredients straight from its own Willowolf Farm. The approach here is a blend between cooking with local and seasonal products and Japanese kaiseki with its refined flavors.

The menu at Frilu is diverse and includes such dishes as waterfowl, cod, and beef. The chef’s tasting menu will have a bit of everything, and visitors enjoy the diversity offered. Michelin praises the restaurant’s meat and vegetables, singing out the hen-of-the-woods mushrooms and the grilled beef tongue with onion and anchovy puree.

Remember that this is a smaller restaurant, so reserving is a must, even though it’s in a quiet area on the outskirts of Toronto. Frilu is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Canada. When you’re in Toronto, you should visit it.

3. Miyamaso, Kyoto, Japan

Miyamaso in Kyoto is one of the top Michelin restaurants.

Photo by Miyamasou

Miyamaso is a Michelin restaurant in Kyoto, the home of Japan’s traditional culture. And that’s the kind of food you’ll find here. Hisato Nakahigashi, the owner-chef, is a proponent of tsumikusa cuisine, which uses wild herbs and vegetables. He personally travels to the mountains to pick herbs and mushrooms in the autumn.

Like all the establishments on our list, Miyamaso focuses on local and seasonal ingredients. You’ll taste fish, such as ayu, from the nearby rivers seasoned with mountain herbs. In the winter, you can taste the meat of boar and bear. What makes the food burst with flavor is its simplicity paired with plants grown in the wild. Even if you weren’t planning a stop in Kyoto on your trip to Japan, Miayamaso is worth the detour, as is the city of Kyoto!

If you want to fly to Japan in style, consider flying with the country’s flag carrier, Japan Airlines.

4. Auntie Gaik Lean’s Old School Eatery, George Town, Malaysia

We all know that homemade food is delicious. And that’s precisely what you can expect at Auntie Gaik Lean’s Old School Eatery in George TownMalaysia. Many of the dishes are made from scratch. Chef Lain even makes the curry paste with fresh ingredients such as saffron. As the restaurant’s name implies, you’ll find homemade Malaysian cuisine here. And it’s prepared to perfection.

Some gourmands are so used to the innovative and unusual serving of food at Michelin restaurants that they don’t understand the buzz about Auntie Gaik. So if you’re looking for food presented in uncommon ways, this isn’t the eatery for you. But if you want a fantastic meal with a perfect balance of spices and flavor, then it doesn’t get much better than this.

It’s also one of the least expensive restaurants on our list! However, you will need to make a reservation and pay a deposit. When in Malaysia, you want to take advantage of the chance to visit Gaik Lean’s Eatery.

5. Clos, Madrid, Spain

Famous restaurateur Marcos Grando owns Madrid’s Clos. Its cuisine is modern, with a strong focus on the main ingredients. Grando and his team make an effort for the main product in a dish to stand out. So don’t expect strange combinations. Whatever complementary elements are in the recipe, their purpose is precisely that — to complement.

At Clos, you have the choice of three equally satisfying menus to select from. All three include seafood as well as game or meat. You’ll get a taste of traditional Spanish ingredients and flavors. And you’ll be treated to superior service, one of Clos’ guiding principles. Clos is a restaurant that is an absolute must on Madrid‘s gastronomic map.

6. 180° by Matthias Diether, Tallinn, Estonia

180 degrees is a top-rated restaurant in Tallinn

Photo by 180°

This amazing open-kitchen restaurant in Tallinn is named after its 180-degree U-shaped kitchen. Diners sit around the kitchen and get to see their courses prepared. This cuisine here is all about new tastes and challenging conventions. The food is beautiful both visually and in how your tastebuds will perceive it.

Located in a modern harbor development on the edge of Tallinn, 180° will leave you captivated by its flavors. The food is modern and intricate, in the style of its German Executive Chef, Matthias Diether.

Daring seafood and meat dishes and unexpected takes on desserts are what you’re in for when choosing one of the two menu options. A vegetarian menu is also available upon request, but it must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance. Remember, one of the criteria for Michelin restaurants is quality fresh ingredients, so the restaurant needs the time to prepare all the ingredients for your superior vegetarian meal.

7. 11 Woodfire, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

11 Woodfire's iftar menu: Beef Short Ribs-Barbeque, Pineapple, Coriander.

Photo by 11woodfire

Dubai has a reputation for offering many luxury services. So it comes as no surprise that it’s got several Michelin restaurants. 11 Woodfire, located in Jumeirah, is surprisingly one of the cheaper restaurants on our list. But it’s as good as the rest of the restaurants presented heretofore.

The food at 11 Woodfire is the embodiment of Dubai: modern, cosmopolitan, and lavish. The restaurant has an open kitchen and grill, so you’ll be literally seeing a woodfire and how your meals are prepared.

There are several menus to choose from, and you can also order à la carte. With open-fire cooking, 11 Woodfire is where you want to visit to taste striploin, T-bone steak, and other meats. The bone marrow with curry leaves and soy glaze is an excellent choice. The seafood is also excellent.

In conclusion

When you plan your next trip, remember to consider where you’ll be eating. You don’t need to go to a Michelin restaurant every day, but it’s worth making a reservation for at least one day on the town. Consider it like another sight that needs to be seen.

And these restaurants are that special. And no matter how many pretty pictures of the food we post, nothing compares to actually tasting it.

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