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New Michelin Star Menu Added to Cathay Pacific Business Class

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Since February, and running for 12 months, Cathay Pacific business class and first class have served its passengers Michelin Star food. Teaming up with Duddell’s and taking inspiration from the flavors of Hong Kong, the menu honors the city’s cuisine.

Vivian Lo, General Manager Customer Experience and Design, Cathay Pacific, states

“Duddell’s sources ingredients that make a dish stand out and prepares them with time-honoured techniques. The care and passion leaves a lasting impression [and is] what Cathay Pacific strives to deliver every day.”

Sounds impressive! So let’s look at what delights await you when flying with Cathay Pacific business class and first class out of Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific Business Class & First Class Appetizers

Cathay Pacific business class and first class customers will have a few new sumptuous takes on classic dishes to tantalize their taste buds. Duddell’s fusions include drunken prawns with aged Huadiao wine. Plus, shredded chicken and jellyfish salad with sesame dressing. However, that’s not all! How about barramundi fillets with pickled mustard greens? This hot rice noodle soup is available throughout the flight. If you are unsure if you want to fly first class or business class, find our blog, Top 7 differences between Business and First Class.

Cathay Pacific Business Class & First Class Main Dishes

Now we come to the main dish, and Cathay Pacific continues to impress. Firstly, inspired by a classic with nuances of the Singaporean specialty white pepper crab. Duddell’s wok-fried lobster in white pepper sauce with spring onions and ginger is a show-stopper!

If that is not to your taste, how about a red braised Iberico pork belly, radish, salted fish, and vegetable rice? Or chilled abalone and cucumber with black vinegar / minced pork, vegetables, pomelo, lettuce wraps, and prawn crackers? In addition, the below are also available. 

  • Braised brisket with flat rice noodles in special beef broth
  • Chinese roasted duck and lai fun noodle soup 

Cathay Pacific Business Class & First Class Deserts

So the cheery on top, deserts options. Here you find Chrysanthemum and longan jelly. A light and refreshing with a delicate balance of sweetness, aroma, and roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Strawberry yogurt pudding inspired by Beijing-style yogurt.Coconut and red bean pudding, Hong Kong-style milk tea pudding with tapioca pearls, mango, sago, and pomelo pudding. Furthermore, if you are wondering what beverages complement each dish, read our blog, Best Business Class Airline Wine Lists, which covers Cathay Pacific business class.

In Summary

We hope this mouth-watering run down of the new Michelin Star menu on Cathay Pacific Business Class has got you salivating. Moreover, SkyLux offers up to 77%* OFF business class flights and first class fares with Cathay Pacific when you call one of 300+ Agents at (888) 668-0828

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