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The breaking news is that Australia is opening up its borders to international travelers! As a result, fully vaccinated visitors can enter OZ for the first time in two years. Therefore, we created our new blog, “Top Business Class Airlines flying to Australia 2022.” Which highlights the 5 most popular airlines, their destinations, and our best business class deals to Australia.

The pandemic’s effects are impacting some countries’ entry requirements more than others. So with that in mind, we decided to create a blog on “Where to travel without quarantine this month.” In addition, we have highlighted what’s happing this month in each destination and added our best business class flight deals. Also, the latest travel advice in light of the coronavirus for each destination can be found by clicking on Entry requirements.

Flying business class is either part and parcel of a jet-set lifestyle – or it’s an occasional treat/luxury. In any respect, the demand for traveling in refinement has made the competition among airlines fierce! Positive news indeed for flyers, as this means there are discounted business class airline tickets to be had. With this in mind, our blog details 5 reasons why Skylux is the best way to book business class tickets.

In our new blog, Top Differences Between Business Class Bed Seats, we will be looking at 3 renowned airlines with beds. In addition, we will lay out all the information you will need to answer the question, which Business class bed seat is the best? 

When choosing your ideal flight with bed seats, there, of course, is a lot to take into consideration. For instance, some airlines, such as American Airlines- will offer differing business-class services and cabins depending on if your flight is long haul or domestic. Therefore, knowing what it is that you require from your flight will ultimately help you choose the perfect option for you. So let’s look at the top 3 airlines and find out what you can expect.

This blog discusses the Top 7 differences between Business and First Class in 2021. We want to examine the main differences passengers will experience while at the airport and inflight. We will look into the details, comparing Business Class vs. First Class, and try to answer questions such as, is business class better than first class? What exactly are the advantages and disadvantages? And how much do they impact the ticket price?

In this ultimate guide to flying business class with Emirates, we will show you not only the best way to book business class tickets but also detail the journey one can expect when traveling with an award-winning airline. We will cover everything from being chauffeur-driven to the airport to mingling at the walk-up bar inflight. Of course, we will also be looking into check-ins, baggage allowance, business lounge access-inflight entertainment, and dining options onboard.